Getting Started

Here in my blog, I will not try to reinvent the wheel and make claims of having written some of the material used, or quoted.  You will see credit given to each source, and I highly reccommend that you search for the source and review the material yourself.  I will provide as many links as I can, as well as other web info to guide you to them.  I have been blessed and led to many incredible resources that have had an incredible affect on the change of life I now live everyday. 

My plan is to systematically post information on the “how to’s” of Relational Improvement, and how relational disfunction is directly linked to sexual addiction, immorality in marriages, and possibly sexual offences.  I am not a psychologist, therapist, doctor, or licensed counselor.  I am simply a man who has lived in the ‘pit’ of the dark side, and has found the way out to the life I always dreamed of, but could not obtain until now.  I have been where you are today, and where you CAN be.  My life is proof enough.

I intend to post blogs bi-weekly and will start with the basics of how to start improving your relationships and address the issue of sexual addiction and recovery.  We’ll look at ‘breaking those links’ that bind us to bad thoughts and behaviors.  The are not ‘pretty’ to talk about, but the statistics will blow your mind.  I pray that if you are included in those stats, you will follow me closely, and even contact me personally through my e-mail for direct, intentional, coaching.  I promise strict confidentiality to the absolute best of my intellect and ability.  And I expect the same in return.  God is so good!  We are going to have a great time sharing, connecting, getting restored as an individual, and as families.  You’ll see.

These first few blogs are actuall practice for me with the new blog site.  Thanks!!!  See you in a few days.


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